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Aluminium Tapes

  • Aluminium Tapes

    ALUMINIUM TAPE: Our range of aluminum foil tapes is designed to cover all key application areas where high temperature resistance and electrical or thermal conductivity are required. Applications include insulation and duct sealing in heating, ventilation and air conditioning market and electromagnetic protection in the electronic industry.


  • BOPP/ CELLO Tapes

    Popularly known as CELLO TAPE or BOX TAPE. We provide a good quality tape known for its super adhesion and fine film. These are used for packaging in domestic, commercial & industrial sectors. These tapes have good sealing properties and are suitable for both high and low temperatures. These are available in various sizes and meters along with various colours like Transparent, Brown, Milky, and Red or as per customer’s requirements



    Double Sided Cotton Tapes: This are made out of cotton cloth and are coated on both sides with strong natural rubber adhesive. These tapes are laminated with polyester or paper release liner. As these Double Sided Tapes are made from rubber adhesive, good initial tack, high shear resistant and holding power with metal and rubber become their main features. Double Sided Cotton play a very useful role in Stereo mounting in stack type flexo machines, Carpet installation in house, office or Exhibition halls, Print plate mounting, Temporary mounting for assembly or machining operations

Double Sided Tissue Tapes

  • Double Sided Tissue Tapes

    Double Sided Tissue Tapes: Double Sided Tissue tape is made of tissue paper both side coated with hot melt, acrylic emulsion or solvent acrylic based adhesive and laminated with double sided release paper. This tape can be used in shoe, leather, paper, white goods, foam, postal, decorations, labels and a lot more applications.

Masking Tapes

  • Masking Tapes

    MASKING TAPE: We provide a wide range of Masking Tape which can be used for all general as well as industrial applications. These have unique properties and exhibits excellent adhesion, tack & better cohesion strength These can be used for colour separation and painting made by hand or spray, furniture making, automobile and aircraft painting, decorative glass making and much more

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