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    MLG is your IT Career Coach started in 2019 with the aim of working with school students to help them choose the suitable streams and career options pertaining to the IT field. We realized that a career in Information Technology is lucrative and challenging because of its rapidly changing landscape.  Therefore, we bring together passionate educationists and coaches who share a common vision of counseling, coaching, mentoring, and guiding people towards their IT career success. We are committed to working with those who are at the crossroads of their career and are looking at taking their IT career to the next level – those who are committed to creating new possibilities in their IT career and life. Over the last 2 years, we have worked with and helped hundreds of students and working professionals create an IT career road map, identify their Strengths, and reinvent and update their IT skills to rapidly progress and keep pace with their peers.  Our team always keeps an eye on the latest developments in the IT field and accordingly chalks out a plan to accommodate those curriculums to guide all the aspirants. We have developed a unique ITR (Interview Transcript Reading) method to help you find your superfast spoken English fluency in no time. 

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